In Which We Embrace our Filth and Play Chess

Greetings and welcome to another week here at “Move it Football Head!” We hope the new year is treating you well thus far and if you are being impacted by the government shutdown we love you and hope for a speedy resolution and return of your paycheck.


This week we’ll be covering a very interesting episode set, “Abner Comes Home” and “The Sewer King,” episode 17 of season 1. We weren’t familiar with these episodes going in and we were definitely intrigued with how they played out. I’ll be covering “Abner Comes Home” and Ross will be focusing on “The Sewer King.”


Let’s get right to it.
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In Which We Carve Soap and Break a Cycle of Pain

Greetings, and welcome to our first 2019 post here at “Move it Football Head!” We hope you had a wonderful holiday season and end of year! We did, and now we are back and feeling recharged to deliver more of this content you crave!


Towards the end of the year, we found we covered quite a few heavier episodes. With that in mind, we thought we’d start the year off with something a bit lighter. So we bring you episode 8 from season 3, “Sid’s Revenge/Roller Coaster.” Ross will be covering “Sid’s Revenge” and I’ll be covering “Roller Coaster.” Without further ado, let’s get right to it.

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In Which We Find the True Meaning of Snow Boots

Happy Holidays, and welcome to our very festive new post here at “Move it Football Head!” We hope the holiday season is treating you well, and that if you work in retail that the customers aren’t too terrible and that maybe you don’t have to work on the actual holidays.


Before we get into the meat of the episode, we want to repeat that after this post, we will not be making another post until January 5th. Both of us are pretty busy with work, family obligations, and the holiday chaos and we figure you are too, so we will be taking the end of the year off. We have a very lovely post planned for today, and we are excited to ring in the new year with another gem.


With that out of the way, this week we will be discussing “Arnold’s Christmas.” As this episode is a full block, we will be both discussing this episode. This episode is another pretty iconic one and an extremely touching one. We will be discussing on some level the surface level emotional impact of this episode, but also digging a bit deeper into how the episode works and how it fits into the narrative of the rest of the season. So, let’s get to it!

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In Which We Respect Marilyn Monroe and Pet the Kitty

Greetings and welcome to another week at “Move it Football Head.” We hope your holiday season has been a good one thus far and we hope our post this week can brighten it up! This week we are taking on two episodes that gave us a lot to talk about…for very different reasons. This week I’ll be covering “Beeper Queen” while Ross will be covering “Oskar Can’t Read.”


Before we begin, we’d like to make a little announcement about our year end schedule. Our next post will be Saturday, December 22nd. However, that will be our last post until 2019. In order for us to enjoy Christmas and New Year’s with our loved ones and fulfill and obligations this time of year raises we will be taking the last week of the year off. Normal, weekly posting will resume Saturday, January 5th. We have a special post planned for next week, though, so we hope that will make things a little easier.


Without further ado, let’s get to the fun stuff!

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In Which We Find New Uses for Gum and Grapple with Agoraphobia

Greetings, and welcome to another week here at “Move It Football Head.” We want to preface this post with a special announcement, this week is our 11th post. We intended to celebrate the milestone of our 10th post last week but as it fell on the week of Thanksgiving, we felt it would be better to go ahead and wait till this week. We want to thank all of you for staying with us our for even checking us out at all. We’re excited to keep going with this!


This week, we are bringing you a special episode pick. We’ve been holding onto this one for quite a while in anticipation of a special occasion. This week we bring you the episode(s) “Arnold’s Hat” and the iconic “The Stoop Kid.” “The Stoop Kid” is an episode many folks think of when they think of “Hey Arnold” and Ross will be discussing some of the deeper things that make this episode special. I (Tyler) will be taking on the other half of the block “Arnold’s Hat” which is a fun episode in it’s own right. Without further ado, let’s hop right into this.

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In Which We Suffer The Effects of Colonialism

Greetings, and welcome to another week here at “Move it Football Head.” We hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving in whatever way you chose to celebrate it. We took some time off due to the chaos of the week, but we are back with another festive full block episode: “Arnold’s Thanksgiving.” In similar fashion to our other write ups of full block episodes, we’ll both be offering our takes on the same episode. This episode was a bit of a mixed bag, so we’re going to approach it from a good cop, bad cop position. I’m going to discuss some of the stronger elements of the episode while Ross will cover what didn’t quite work.  


Before we get into the turkey and stuffing of this episode, we want to take a moment for something a little different. On November 26th, we lost one of the greats. Stephen Hillenburg, creator of SpongeBob SquarePants passed away recently due to complications from ALS. While our blog is obviously not SpongeBob themed, we’d be remiss to not acknowledge the passing of the creator of one of THE Nicktoons of our generation. SpongeBob was as fundamental to us as Hey, Arnold! and our hearts are heavy at Stephen Hillenburg’s passing.


Without further ado, let’s get to our coverage of this week’s episode.

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In Which We Reflect on the Evils of Capitalism and Imitate Pauly Shore

Greetings all, and welcome to another week here at “Move it Football Head!” Last week, we did things a little differently, each of us covered one segment from the same episode. We really enjoyed how that turned it out, so we’re going to make that the new routine. In addition to allowing us both to speak in each post, we think this will make our week to week workload more consistent and manageable so we don’t have to delay posts.


With that out of the way, let’s get right to our episodes this week. This week, we covered season 3, episode 17, which includes the segments “Part Time Friends” and “Biosquare.” Tyler is covering the former and Ross the latter.

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